new TSi. :D



My life. Summed up.

I envy your life…

Hahah, come to TN and I’ll let you see the DSM watering hole anytime! :D

We have a dog and stuff. We also tend to take pictures very rarely, a few months apart normally. Just how we are. I call the face she’s making in the second picture her :3 kitty face. She reminded me of that when I seen it.

I really love me some zoos. This is the Nashville Zoo. Great place

Oldest on the top…newest in the tank. Man, how time flies.

Funniest part I was like 141lbs in the top I’m at 160 in the bottom. I’m also a tad over 6 foot too. So I guess I even out?



best friends go get their septums pierced together.

Look guys! It’s me and my seester seester after we got out septum’s pierced! :D

I have to put up with these two. Constantly. It’s a personal hell. But I love them both. Specially ole blue eyes there.

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another Devilman still, truly a great classic

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This is from the Devilman OVA.

Akira is the main characters name. By the way, shit’s violent. Watch em.

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Nerdy Girls?! She’s wearing a sexy R2-D2 dress! and it’s TIGHT! Whoa!

Full of bullshit right here. Bitch isn’t a nerd.

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